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Deconstructed Bow Tie

‘Deconstructed Bow Tie’

Gold mirrored & black gloss acrylic ‘Deconstructed Bow Tie’ designed to be worn underneath the collar. It has extender sections to allow for different collar sized.

Chunky Skull

'Chunky Black Skull Chain & Ring'

Chunky skull made with 5mm thick Perspex on antique bronze chain. Matching ring available.


Skull Ring

Skull & Bones

‘Gold Mirror Skull Chain’

Gold Mirror Skull Chain available with or without bones on the the chain.

Available in many colours and the bones can be etched like we did for a Valentines gift in the photo on the left.


Skull Gold

Anchor Chain

‘Nautical Anchor Necklace’

Nautical style translucent anchor with rusty chain effect wrapped around pendant.

Available in blue and green translucent versions.

Neon Butterfly

Large Butterfly Black

‘Large Butterfly Chain’

Three piece butterfly chain made out of red neon edge lit Perspex. Available in many colours such as the black seen below.

Small Butterfly Chain

‘Small Butterfly Chain’

Smaller five piece butterfly chain made out of available in many colours.

Butterfly Ring & Bracelet

'Butterfly Ring & Bracelet'

Matching set of butterfly ring and bracelet. Available in any colour to match necklace.

Neon Butterfly Bracelet

'Neon Butterfly Bracelet'

Neon butterfly bracelet on chunky gold chain with extender.

Love & Hate Rings

Custom Initial Ring

‘LV & H8 Rings’ & ‘Custom Initial Ring’

Laser cut ‘Love & Hate’ ring set designed to
be worn on each hand. We also do custom
initial rings depending on the size of the
ring we can fit three to four letters on.

Angular Mirror Pendant

‘Angular Heart Mirror Chain’

Angular heart shaped mirror pendant
on gold chain. Gold mirror and black
gloss perspex.

CND Bracelet

'Frosted Pink CND Peace Bracelet'

Beautiful frosted pink CND sign bracelet on chunky gold chain with extender chain. All our necklaces can be accompanied by a matching ring or bracelet.

Lightning Bolt Chain

‘Bowie Style Lightening Bolt Pendant’

Bowie inspired lightning bolt pendant and
chain. Available in many colours.


Neon Red Lightning Bolt

Pink Flower Pendant

Black Flower Pendant

‘Frosted Flower Pendant’

Small and cute frosted frosted black and
pink flower pendants. Also available in any


‘Crooked Neon Cross’

Green neon cross pendant warped into a
hugging effect.


‘The ‘Key’ Ring’

Black gloss perspex ring that disguises a
key when worn the other way around.


KEYring Hidden